Design + Development

Frontseat 101

{ web design + front end development } Sleek, inviting, fun. A blog to help build their business consultation audience and build their brand. Built working with Hero Design Studio in Denver, CO.



{ mobile design & responsive css } We were handed a desktop design and asked to develop it within wordpress and create a child theme for mobile phones. Then we are asked to make it responsive. My part in this project was the mobile theme and responsive clean up. Within a desktop browser, it shrinks down to 580px wide then snaps back to full size. The idea is that any device smaller than 580px wide will pick up on the mobile theme. See more at



{ Mobile Design & Responsive Development } This was a contract job to design and build a mobile pipe selection calculator. Specifically it’s designed to work well on mobile, so to to start the project I wire framed the app focusing on the mobile user experience, then designed and developed the front end for all screens. View the full project at


Parachute U

{ web design + front end development } Clean, Simple, Organized. That’s what the client wanted so that’s what I tried to provide. Built working with the light group in Broomfield, CO.


Denver Folk Lore Center

{ web design } Rustic, but still exciting and inviting. Meant to be an online store front that shows off the product as well as the store and brings people in. Built working with Hero Design Studio in Denver, CO.


Galaxy UnLocker

{Shopify development w/ graphics for the website and software.} They wanted something “futuristic”, bright, with a shine to it. The graphic on the website shows the process of unlocking your phone, while the graphics for the software are reflections of that original graphic for brand consistency.

Website and graphics for the galaxy unlocker software.

Department 5

{web design} Concept for a group project. The goal of the site was to create a portfolio site for the four of us and learn as many CSS3 and HTML5 tricks as possible. So the idea behind this design was to take our feature work and create a slow transitioning, subtle, strictly CSS slideshow that faded in and out in the background on the homepage, while interior pages would have their own unique background.

A concept design for the Department 5 Homepage.

Urban Airship (Landing Pages)

{ web design } They had a pretty nice brand in place, so with this landing page I wanted to pull a lot of detail from what they already had. What I tried to do was open it up a bit more, provide a nice clean layout, and focus on that nice sky background. I thought in development it would be a nice touch to give the clouds a slight parallax effect so they subtly float up as the user scrolls down.


Forkfly (mobile)

{mobile design} An online coupon service, Forkfly provides people with free coupons to use around town but you can only use them once. With the coupon once activated you have two hours to use it, I wanted to use a transition from greyed out to full color so people checking out he customer can easily see the coupons in use. More info at

Forkfly's digital coupon

Real colorado

{ web design + front end development + wordpress } Working with the light group, I was handed a mockup of the homepage and took it from there. Cleaned up the design, filled out the interior pages, and built it using wordpress. All the interactions are hand coded with jQuery & js. Check it out at


Provenance Landing

{ Design + Development } I saw this one all the way. It was a concept design for a landing page that simply highlights four hotels in Portland and Seattle. They’re all kind of trendy with some very cool, very unique interiors, so I wanted to show them off in a unique & interactive way. Check it out at


Lucent Fine Art

{brand & wordpress development (in progress)} Done for a fine art’s printing company in Fort Collin’s Colorado. They loved the idea of using a crescent moon (or “lucent” moon) and creating something bright and luminous, so the goal here was to create a clean, well structured look with a subtle gradients and open lots of open space to let “light” move around the page.

Branding for a fine art's printing company | Lucent Fine Art

the Inn at Red Hills

{web design + development (wordpress)} Built for a hotel and restaurant in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, Dundee. The goal was to create an environment that showcased the hotels location and highlighting the hotel and restaurant itself. The site can be viewed at

Wordpress development for the Inn at Red Hills

Ai Re-Design

{web design} A concept to re-work the Art Institute of Portland’s homepage to make it more user friendly and attractive. The idea here is that above the fold would be a lead-ins to the different of the Ai website that highlights those pieces and gives newcomers the general info. Below the fold, is a section highlighting the individual departments of study and student work. There’s a lot of talent here, and it only makes sense to show it off.



{brand development} Logo, packaging, and website for an all natural “energy” drink / caffeinated tea. The idea was to create some bright, energetic, and earthy.

Packaging and web design for a natural energy drink / tea

daFlop (the revolutionary flip flop)

{web design + development} Something bright, with a beach feel. The website for daFlops was meant to be a basic informational brochure site that highlighted the question and answer section along the left. One of my first development projects, the site can be viewed at

Website design for daFlop flip flops

Holtey Law

{logo design} As a divorce lawyer, he wanted something fair, something that communicated two sides of a situation, while at the same time “don’t f*** with me”, and he wanted to incorporate the “H”. So with these logo variations I focused on a stark contrast between light and dark, something that took those two sides to create something larger within the logo – the “H”.

logo variations for the lawyer Nathan Holtey

Wacom Re-Design

{web design} As somebody how uses Wacom’s products, I don’t think their homepage does them justice. With the products they develop, they create a unique experience for any computer user by taking the interaction away from mouse and keyboard and putting into a more “environmental” setting. So with this re-Design I wanted to do the same, I wanted to create more of an environment for the content to live in.

a Re-Design for the Wacom Homepage

Portland PC User’s Group

{logo design} Part of Ai’s annual web raising where we design and build a website in a day. This year they wanted a logo, something they could build a brand around to attract new members, so walked in with a few rough ideas and around noon they had their new logo.

the logo for the Portland PC User's Group

the Book Abstract

{web design} Experimental design for an online art book store. Particularly, I wanted to try something different with the secondary navigation which separates the advertisements (on the left) from the main content of the site (on the right).

Web design for an online book store


{Art Direction} A series of three advertisements highlighting different travel destinations. I wrote the copy and focused on putting together a clean, safe design that focused on accenting the copy.

three print advertisements for travelocity

Tattoo (type design)

{type design / illustration} An experimental type design focusing on illustrating the letter form while still maintaining the letter structure and flow. Illustrated with graphite and photoshop.

an experimental, illustrated type face design

the Mountain Shop

{logo design} Done for the Mountain Shop in Portland, OR. They provide quality mountain gear for experienced climber, boarders, skiers, etc., so with they’re logo I wanted to play off the idea of the diamond as a signifier of experience.

Logo idea for the Mountain Shop

Art & Illustration Work

Danger Mouse

{oil pastel & digital} Taken out of my sketchbook, this was done for a children’s book about a mouse.

Oil Pastel Drawing of a mouse over looking Paris

Abstracted Tree Paintings

{oil paint on canvas} Part of a series of abstracted trees. The idea was to make sense out of chaos. I “figurally” sketched out a tree, bark and all, then took those very rough painted sketches and slowly make sense of the different shapes and structures seen within the chaos of the sketch.


Sketchbook Drawings

{pencil & charcoal} Two drawings taken from two of my sketchbooks. On the right an over exaggerated scene from the after math of my roommate’s dog playing with stuffed animals and some graffiti that I thought was interesting while biking along the waterfront in Portland, OR.


Self Portraits…

{ink & photoshop} Exactly how it sounds, an ink drawing from an embarrassing photograph of myself, that I did for an assignment, and the digital touchups in photoshop. I wanted to take something that’s sort of awkward and turn it into something much more appealing.

Ink drawing + Digital

[ Outside the Suit ] Sketches

{pencil & office pens} Concept sketches for an elaborate logo/banner illustration to headline an art based website.

a scan of one of my scketchbooks



Experience designing for Print and the Web, the Adobe CS, HTML5, CSS3 (Responsive), javascript/jQuery, WordPress, Drupal, Branding, UX Testing, the Mobile Web, Illustration, Managing Multiple Projects, and Working with Team Members to complete larger jobs.

Very hard working, fast learning, and forward thinking.

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Colorado State University
BFA | painting and graphic design
Selected to exhibit design & illustration work in undergad art show 07’ and 08’
Graphic Design teaching assistant

Art Institute of Portland
web design and interactive media
Dean’s List, spring 2010’ and fall 2011’
Tutor for print & web design | front end development | drawing & illustration


Freelance | CO, OR, Remote
Front End Developer + Graphic
& Web Designer

Front End Development • Web Design • WordPress • Brand Identity Design • Print • .Net • Git • In House & Remote

Contracts : Hero Design Studio(denver), Chronos Interactive(denver), the Light Group(broomfield), LucentPDX(portland), as well as my own contracts.
2012 – 2014

LucentPDX | Portland, OR
Front End Developer + Graphic
& Web Designer

Front End Development • Web Design • WordPress • Brand Identity Design • Web Master for Provenance Hotels
2011 – 2013

Forkly | Portland, OR
web & mobile design intern
Web & Mobile Design • Illustration • Collaborated About Advertising & Copy Writing
2010 – 2011

Commissioned Painter | N/A
Determined clients needs and provided custom art • Pursued my own art and displayed in multiple exhibitions
2008 – 2010

Color Pro Printing | Fort Collins, CO
Hotel Directories Distributor
Managed hotel directory service production and distribution • involved in design and finishing larger projects
2008 – 2009

Colorado State Creative Services | Fort Collins, CO
Graphic Design Intern
Designed items for print to extend the CSU brand
2008 – 2009


Get in Touch:

Currently, I’m living in Fort Collins, Colorado, but am open for freelance work, job opportunities, and collaboration (both online and in person). But really, feel free to ask me anything, I’d be happy to answer.